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Residential Real Estate Seller Representation

When You’re Ready To Sell Your Home, We’re Here For You

You’ve enjoyed your home, made it yours, and grown with it. At some point, you may decide it’s time to sell. The decision to sell your biggest asset isn’t one to handle lightly. In fact, it’s a decision that may pull at your heart strings and come clouded with confusion and uncertainty over how to proceed.

We are here to bring clarity and confidence to your home selling process. We’re Kathy and Ed Boyle and, together, we make up Katchen Company. We’re a full-service residential real estate brokerage and we’ve served and guided hundreds of home sellers in the Denver area for decades. We’ll help you find your happiness and meet your real estate financial goals.

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Sellers - Renovate or Sell 'As Is'

Today we talk about sellers and if they should renovate or sell "as is" to a flipper.

Seller Representation Powered By Market Intelligence

Making your home uniquely yours has likely taken a lot of time, energy, and financial resources. Selling your home in a competitive market – oftentimes for a price you need to move into the next stage of your real estate journey – is key.

We’re Denver natives and have lived in and around the Mile High City for years. We follow the real estate market trends closely and have curated a deep understanding of home pricing, home construction, and resale value trends in our area.

We’re experts in competitive market analysis and will provide you with market intelligence to:

This happens from the moment we prep and list your home for sale, through the time we field offers, move into negotiation with buyers, and finish with a successful transaction. When you work with us to sell your property, we become your advocate and we’re here to promote your interests with good faith, loyalty, and fidelity.

Our Fiduciary Duties

Read up on our fiduciary duties as outlined by the Colorado Real Estate commission.

Our Fiduciary Duties

Client Testimonials

“Kathy and Ed are consummate professionals – hardworking, knowledgeable, calming. From soup to nuts, they were fantastic and we sold our property for 70K above asking! We could not be happier. Thanks!”
Jenny Wood, Seller

“Kathy Boyle walked me through the process of selling my home and was very caring and supportive throughout the entire procedure. I have known Kathy for 22 years and while it may seem counterproductive to mix pleasure and personal friendship with business, I felt only that it enhanced our end-goal of selling my home. Her advice and guidance were right on and only served to get me the best price for my sale. I would recommend Kathy without reservation if you need to sell your home. She is knowledgeable, creative, and supportive…all the things you need in a realtor when going through the stressful time of moving on. Five Stars!”
Janet Wilson, Seller

“Kathy and Ed Boyle helped us prepare and sell our house with multiple offers at above asking price in one weekend. They worked with us to set a timeline for when the house should be on the market, provided recommendations for repair, referrals for repair, estate sale, staging and closing. They were wonderful to work with. Thanks so much!”
Ann Mullen, Seller

Home Selling Resources

Sellers Market vs. Buyers Market

Today we talk about a Sellers market vs. a Buyers Market.

Home Fix-Up Before Selling

Find out what Ed and Kathy have to say about fixing your home up prior to putting it on the market to sell.

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