History of Katchen Company

Our History

My name is Kathy Boyle, a Denver native. I am an owner, broker at Katchen Company, a boutique residential and commercial real estate company that has been locally owned and operated in Denver since 1962.  Our business is a love affair between this amazing city, our family, and our clients.

My father Bruce Katchen started the company with a passion for architecture and commercial development when Denver was a younger city, on the brink of expanding into countless new directions. He set his sights on the development of office buildings, apartments, shopping centers, and event venues that have become a part of the present Denver landscape.

In 1990, my husband Ed Boyle joined the business bringing with him extensive experience in construction and engineering. It was inevitable that he would combine his expertise as broker and developer as well. For more than 30 years Ed successfully expanded the company’ boutique services, moving Katchen into a thriving full-service commercial real estate company that stays focused on brokerage, property management, tenant oversight, leasing, and maintenance.

In 2015 I joined Katchen Company, combining my personal passion for Denver, the Colorado lifestyle, relationship development, and a mission to help people. Our goal was to expand the reach of our company to include the Denver residential real estate market. Bringing my extensive business experience in sales and management, Ed and I form an unbeatable team! Together, we are undoubtedly, the right choice for anyone looking to relocate within or outside of the Denver area.

Katchen Company has stood strong and energetic, meeting the challenges and the test of time. As a team effort, we have weathered the extreme highs and lows of the Denver real estate industry for over 60 years.  Our clients know that they can count on us, meeting all of their needs with dependability, insight, highest levels of qualifications, and expertise, to move forward into the ever-changing future… Katchen Company is your Denver urban real estate experts.