Tenant Relations

Tenant relations are an important aspect of our property management.

Katchen Company maintains an aggressive Tenant retention program for all properties under management. The program was developed and implemented in recognition that the typical commercial lease term is five years. This means that, on average, a minimum of 20 percent of a property’s leased space will probably be up for renewal in any given year. Even in areas where the commercial market is tight replacing tenants requires considerable time and expense. Therefore Katchen Company’s number-one priority is to keep tenants through our three-point program: personal Tenant contact, excellent service, and good value.

Personal Tenant Contact

The personal touch reinforces that Katchen Company is an ally of the Tenant. Each week a member of the management team goes from one Tenant to the next addressing any concerns or problems that may need to be handled.

Excellent Service

Katchen Company recognizes that a Tenant expects more than use of space in exchange for rent. Tenants may take good service for granted, but they remember every single detail of poor service. Therefore it is our policy to respond immediately to any complaint thereby diffusing any discomfort the Tenant might have otherwise felt.

Good Value

The financial aspects of a lease are always a Tenant’s primary concern. Regardless of the lease package provided to induce a Tenant to sign a lease, value is perceived by providing a well-maintained property and exceptional service.

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