Denver Office Properties

Denver Office Property Management

Katchen Company strives to be at the leading edge of the office property management industry by utilizing its office development and property management experience, gained over the last 50 years. With a portfolio of office buildings that the company owns or manages for clients, Katchen Company has the unique ability to draw from its own experience to provide a higher level of property management services. Although the goal of managing office property is to increase property value and cash flow while maintaining a clean and safe office environment, our team of professionals recognize it is also necessary to provide the office tenant with services that increase their level of satisfaction with the property. We offer our development partners and clients flexible, customized plans that will ensure that we’ll maximize the highest potential of a office property.

A short list of the office property management services Katchen Company provides are:

  • Collect Rents
  • Pay Bills
  • Prepare Financial Reports
  • Create and Analyze Budgets
  • Reconcile Common Area Expenses and Pass Through
  • Administer Leases
  • Tenant Relations
  • Ensure Property Maintenance
  • Leasing

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