Construction Oversight Services

Owner Representation Services

Overseeing your interests on Construction Projects; keeping costs in check and minimizing risks

  • Office
  • Retail
  • Industrial
  • Apartments
  • Pre-construction or renovation analysis
  • Oversight during construction
  • Contractor quality assurance on-site – warding off headache possibilities before they occur
  • On-site Owner Representation – we’re there so you don’t have to be


The critical communication link between Owners and:

  • engineers
  • architects
  • contractors and sub-contractors
  • financing agency


Ensuring compliance with design elements, permit conditions and funding agency requirements.

Building from the ground up or renovation of an existing site, professional experienced oversight from conception to completion secures success of an on time grand opening within the allotted budget.

The profitable execution of comprehensive Construction Oversight consists of two equally important elements. Katchen Company delivers a quality product built on the firm foundation of experience and integrity.

Pre-construction Analysis

  • Evaluation of the proposed  budget
  • Document reviews to determine they are complete to the projects best final outcome
  • Assure adequacy of construction control programs
  • Analyze & review construction arrangements for desired conclusions
  • Assess plans and specification ensuring they are sufficiently thorough to complete project

Construction Observation

Closely monitoring the quality, costs, and completion timetables of the project through each phase of construction will be an invaluable aspect of the service rendered.  Conducting quality reviews by onsite visits and through periodic reviews of essential documentation will confirm that the general contractor is building the project in accordance with the construction documents, both as to completeness and to the quality of work and materials.

Construction budget reviews are performed monthly to assure that funds required are in line with percentages of work completed and that there are sufficient funds remaining in the budget to complete the project. Additionally, there is a monthly pay request review consisting of recommendation or approval of disbursement of funds.

The following is a checklist of items to be performed on a monthly basis:

  • Observation of project with provision of written and photographic documentation
  • Pay request reviews and retainer amounts
  • Assessment of completion status and calculation of budget sufficiency
  • Accuracy of completion percentages to draw schedule
  • Payment recommendation

Closeout assessment is conducted for each project at construction completion and consists of a final punch-list and assembly of pertinent documents including warranties and instruction materials.

In our capacity as the Construction Oversight firm, providing owner representation,  it is our duty to act as an agent for the owner; managing an Owners interests and acting as an extension of the owner’s personal staff. By this we free Owners to focus on other business dynamics while Katchen Company, in executing our duties as the construction oversight firm, orchestrates the details based on the desired outcome of the Owner.

Katchen Company carriers a class “A” contractor’s license for the City and County of Denver and several of the surrounding communities and has the capabilities of obtaining the same anywhere within the greater Denver metro area.

This license classification certifies that the Katchen Company is capable of constructing any type of structure including high rise buildings. We trust you will find Katchen Company’s construction experience and insight into construction techniques to be an invaluable asset as you receive expert representation covering the following areas:

  • Property Management
  • Property Development
  • Joint Venture
  • Buyer Representation
  • Tenant Representation

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