Tenant Representation

Tenant Representation

Finding the Right Property that Suits Your Needs

When a business needs to grow, business owners seek to define objectives and seek professional spaces with the intent to relocate and lease commercial property. Working with a licensed, experienced commercial tenant representative provides some real benefits, first to eliminate the hassle of selecting suitable property, second to negotiating a complex lease. A licensed commercial real estate broker serving as your tenant representative can provide savings that far exceed the cost of professional compensation.

Real estate agency laws require real estate brokers to disclose whether they are working on behalf of either a landlord or tenant. Working solidly on a tenant’s behalf provides more than just monetary savings. It can offset the time it takes to negotiate a lease and be a tremendous help in calculating the actual space required while overviewing the projected layout for each individual organization.

A professional tenant representative can analyze commercial properties to determine what best suits unique business needs. Most will work hard to optimize the incentives offered from a landlord and the results will often exceed the norm.

Optimal Real Estate Solutions

Katchen Company team members are specialized experienced professionals that work hard to help business leaders create their individual vision of success and navigate complex issues. Assessing each client’s goals, our team professionals can help uncover optimal real estate solutions while supporting strategic business goals, financial, and operational objectives. So, if planning to relocate, expand or improve business cash flow, the experts at Katchen Company can help to make the right choices, appraise complex decisions, and exceed all expectations.

Katchen Company can put an expert broker in your corner, who has the expertise and knowledge necessary to define the best property that suits each specific business standards.

  • Connections to industry professionals
  • Navigate complex commercial leases
  • Space needs assessment and workplace planning
  • Market assessment, customized analysis
  • Comparative occupancy cost analysis
  • Lease negotiation and execution
  • Lease versus purchase analysis
  • Project management

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