Landlord Representation

Targeted Strategies for Landlords

Maximizing the distinctive potential and strength of any specific commercial property is a direct path to maximizing returns on investment. Capitalizing on and cultivating a property’s unique amenities requires a solid plan and an in-depth understanding of not only the property, but the local market. Katchen Company offers fully integrated commercial landlord representation services designed to unlock the potential of commercial property. Our expert brokers can position commercial property to secure qualified tenants that will maintain positive relationships while maximizing its distinct value.

The goal is to ensure that all leasable space is utilized and all lease agreements are structured to protect the investment. It is important to ensure the property is leased by the right mix protecting the business owners interests also, to help foster a deep sense of community among all tenants. Providing a comprehensive market analysis, the landlord representative will then develop a leasing strategy that appeals to the ideal tenant while helping avoid the common pitfalls of the leasing processes while focusing resources on the highest quality prospects.

Our dynamic and qualified team at Katchen Company has commercial property marketing expertise in many key categories that will position landlords to enjoy a stress-free commercial property ownership experience and serve their specific interests. Landlord representation combines individualized marketing and leasing strategies targeted to meet all projected investment objectives.

  • Market analysis
  • Ideal Tenant Attraction
  • Long Term Retention
  • Maintain Higher Returns

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