Denver Property Development Overview

The actualization of moving from drawing board to successfully completed project demands the expertise of a seasoned Developer who has the resources to effectively complete in the current market climates.  Since real estate development projects may exceed costs of several millions of dollars, it is imperative your choice have a strong foundation to build on.

Those who partner with Denver’s Katchen Company agree.  Our reputation for quality precedes us as being just such a foundation; and, has led to many satisfying partnership experiences which we have continually grown each year since our inception in 1962.  We strive to provide exemplary services which include but are not limited to:

  • Analysis of proposed sites
  • Negotiation for and Acquisition of sites
  • Design and engineering of project
  • Re-zoning of site
  • Marketing the project
  • Securing financing
  • Bidding and Letting of Construction contracts
  • Management of Finances and Materials
  • Funds Disbursements
  • Closing and Reconciliation of Accounts
  • Property Management Services

Custom designed Development Services ensure specific needs are met for each individual project.  Certain uniform principles guide all Katchen Company projects which have contributed to our many successes in this field as they will contribute to yours when you work with our staff of highly trained professionals.

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